The below information is now obsolete due to our imminent transition to Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. New instructions up soon!

Installation Instructions

This guide assumes that you have just installed Neverwinter Nights. If you installed from, skip step 1.

Step 1: You'll need to patch to Neverwinter Nights version 1.69. You can still find the patch here for windows. versions should not need patching. If you receive an error such as 'this app cannot be run on this computer', try right-clicking the file instead and selecting 'Run As Administrator'. Download is 310 megabytes. (If that link does not work, I have a copy on my dropbox here.)

Step 2: Find and get familiar with your NWN directory, as you will need to place files in it. It is generally C:/Neverwinter Nights/NWN/ but it may differ depending on the version. If you purchased through, it may be under something like C:/Program Files(x86)/ Nights/ or something similar.

Step 3: If you have files in your override folder from a previous version of Arleah or another server, you will want to clear your override folder. If you have fresh installed NWN, the Critical Rebuild will place a few small files in override; these are fine. If you wiped them out and want them again, you can find them here. Download is under 1 megabyte.

Step 4: If you have files in your hak folder from previous versions of Arleah, feel free to delete them. If you have files in your hak folder from other servers that conflict with ours, either update to what we have or make a separate hak swap folder.

Step 5: You will likely need an advanced file decompressing program to unzip our custom content; I recommend either 7zip or WinRAR.

Step 6: You will need our custom content for Arleah 4.0. This download will always be kept up to date with the latest files. Keep an eye on any server announcements for required or recommended file updates. All of our custom content is now in one file which you can find here. Download is ~1.6 gigabytes.

Step 7: Use either 7zip or WinRAR to unpack Arleah4.rar into your HAK folder.

Step 8: Move arleah4v1.tlk from your HAK folder to your tlk folder. You may need to create your own tlk folder.

Step 9: Optional, but I strongly recommend right clicking nwmain.exe, selecting properties, then the compatibility tab, then enabling Run As Administrator and enabling Compatibility Mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 2). Some tileset crashes exist that are avoided by enabling these options.

You're done!!

Optional: This download is my custom soundset.2da file. This file unlocks several voice sets during character creation in case you want to use NPC or (some) monster soundsets. It doesn't have "everything" unlocked, but has anything that I could imagine players wanting to reasonably use. If you choose to install this file, extract the contents to your override folder. Download is only a few kilobytes.

Optional: We maintain a custom portrait pack of portraits that are used on Arleah. You can find the relevant links, download instructions, and upload instructions here.

The server IP and Port is currently: or

Special thanks: CEP Team, PRC Team, ACP, ACP/CEP Compatibilizer, Worm's seasonal tilesets, Zeon's Nocobble tileset, Zwerkules' medieval tileset, BloodMonkey's mountain tileset, various other unknown content creators, and the content creators of Arleah's past for their contributions to Arleah and the NWN community itself.