Our server uses quite a few complex custom content packs and modifications to base game systems; this section contains a collection of information on what we've changed from base Neverwinter Nights. Constantly updating the TLK file for changes to reflect in game is very time consuming; this resource is intended to contain that information instead as it is far easier to update. Please use the left navigation bar to explore the numerous subcategories. Please also note that many intended changes are not yet completed; I will attempt to mark these [NYI] for Not Yet Implemented wherever relevant.

Haks and systems:

Arleah uses several custom content packs that are developed by their own teams; these contain sweeping changes to Neverwinter Nights, and often require a lot of work to implement on a server, especially when multiple custom content packs need merging with one another to work in harmony. Some of these packs are no longer maintained, and some are actively maintained. Arleah is very heavily customized on top of these packs; while we'll strive to keep updated with all of our custom content packs, there will definitely be a time delay for major updates in compliance with custom content packs that require a great deal of re-merging and/or inconvenience for the playerbase.

Arleah uses ACP. This adds several alternate combat animation sets. Some of these will not work (or not work well) with certain weapons, races, genders or robes. I've done what I can to note what works with what. These are provided 'as is'; I'd say that most combinations work, but if you find one that does not, all I can say is to find something else that works properly. Combat stances can be found in the crafting menu. Please do not spam change stances around other players as it causes a slight load lag.

Arleah uses several aesthetic content packs, such as CEP, our own custom content hak that contains odds and ends as requested from larger packs, several Worm's tilesets, BloodMonkey's mountain tileset, Zwerkules medieval tileset, and Zeon Nocobble.

Arleah uses PRC 3.5. The PRC is a massive addition and overhaul of Neverwinter Nights and can be very intimidating; feel free to ask for help on the forums or our Discord server as we have a fair bit of experience with it. Basically, the server should function as presented by the Arleah PRC manual save for what adjustments are listed on this custom content resource. If you have found class, feat or spell behavior that does not look right, feel free to post about it in Support & Feedback. 

Arleah uses the DMFI system. It handles automatic animations based on emotes, languages, and other various functions. For more information, examine the DMFI book that was given to you upon creation. For information on distribution of languages, see the Languages page.

Arleah uses a large customization system that can be found in the crafting menu. Equipment and even some aspects of your character can be modified with this system at no gold cost and with no skill checks in crafting.

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