Feat adjustments

Cloak Dance (now requires Evasion as well as its previous prerequisite skills)

Hide In Plain Sight is being reworked for every variation (Shadowdancer's true HIPS, Ultimate Ranger/Ranger HIPS, etc). Ranger, True Ranger and Justice of Weald and Woe's HIPS will only function in natural areas. All varieties of HIPS will give a temporary penalty to Hide and Move Silently when activated, which penalizes repeated re-hiding if used too often in too short a time period. To compensate, there will be very, very little spot and listen items on the server, giving HIPS users the advantage for their first strike. The new HIPS will not simply 'work' when you activate Stealth Mode like old HIPS, you will gain a feat in your radial that controls entering stealth via HIPS. These new workaround feats are instantaneous, so it should be a smooth transition.

Lingering Damage potency has been reduced to half of normal.

Divine Might, Divine Shield, and their Epic variants have all had their potency reduced (duration unchanged).

Augment Healing now adds Caster Levels to bonus healing points - this applies to Cure spells that heal the living and Inflict spells that heal undead/tomb-tainted.

Removed Feats

Mother Cyst

Psionic related feats (Anti-Psionic feats & Wild Talent)

PRC crafting related feats (Brew Potion, Craft Wand and Scribe Scroll are still in)

Leadership (We decided against this system)

Mounted Combat / Mounted Archery (The base NWN Riding system will not be used)

Gem dragon heritage feats (We are generally only going to support the 5 metallic and 5 chromatic dragon heritages, no more)

PRC "Epic Spellcasting" Feat (Epic spells will be feat based, not learning based)


Permission Based Feats

Devastating Critical (please see server rules for more information)

Spellfire Wielder (please see server rules for more information)