Homebrewed Class Adjustments

We have made a few tweaks and additions to base classes. Some are quality of life changes, some are additional flavor, and some are for classes that we felt were woefully under-equipped and thus overlooked despite being worthwhile roleplay styles. The adjustments are as follows:

Monk will be gaining improvements to Wholeness of Body and Empty Body that depend on the player's chosen path as a Monk. [NYI] We're also going out of our way to ensure that Monk gloves are treated as a weapon in as many reasonable ways as possible. To compensate for this, and to preserve that these changes are for the Monk roleplay aesthetic, we require that any character with any number of Monk levels plan to have 20 Monk levels at minimum by level 40.

Druid has always been a playstyle that is very neat, but a bit weak on spell selection. Instead of trying to shove overpowered spells that don't make sense into their repertoire, we've given them far more base spell slots than normal.

Pure Sorcerer and Wizard seems to be a commitment these days with the wealth of prestige classes available. Characters who are moderately devoted to being pure wizards or sorcerers will find a means to easily recharge magic staves somewhere on the server. [NYI]

Barbarian now has Reckless Rage and Intimidating Rage for free on level 2 (could not implement easily on level 1). Rage was a bit underwhelming and few barbarians can find room to pick up any feats for it.

Anti-Paladin's Turn Outsider does not qualify for any turning feats, putting them woefully behind Paladin. Anti-Paladins now receive Turn Undead on the same level as Turn Outsider. 

Brawler's bonus feats have been increased, granting them a bonus feat every 3 levels instead of every 4.

Ranger has been given D&D 3.5 flavored improvements. Free feats include Point Blank Shot on level 2 (could not implement easily on level 1), Toughness on level 6, Rapid Reload and Rapid Shot on level 9, Hide in Plain Sight on level 17 (natural areas only) and Bane of Enemies on level 20.

Bard has been given D&D 3.5 flavored improvements. Bard now receives Lasting Inspiration for free on level 20. While no feat advertises armored casting, bard now has no arcane spell failure in any light armor. In addition, several completely homebrewed songs have been added. Bards gain Countersong (brief burst of SR based on Perform as a free action) on level 10, Song of Heroism (fear cleanse and fear immunity for rounds based a Perform score formula) on level 15, and Legionnaire's March (freedom and haste based on a Perform score formula) on level 20. Despite previous information, these songs properly respect musical feats such as Requiem and Dragonsong (though it should be noted that only Song of Heroism and Legionnaire's March are affected by Lingering Song and Lasting Inspiration).

Shadowdancer will again receive several class feats from Telflammar Shadowlord. Ultravision is gained on level 2, Shadow Jump is gained on level 2 and scales into level 4, Shadow Blur is gained on level 5, Shadow Pounce is gained on level 6 and scales into level 8, and Shadow Discorporation is gained on level 9. 

Many classes have had Discipline added to their pure class skill list: Lasher, Disciple of Mephistopheles, Master of Shrouds, Thrall of Orcus, Soul Eater, Soldier of Light, Warpriest.

Ninja can now choose Rogue's unique feats as epic bonus feats.

Many classes, such as Favored Soul, have had their arbitrary level limits removed. Some classes will need some work before we can raise them, if we can at all.

Dragon Shaman's auras have been doubled in size as an attempt to fix random aura cancellation. 

Master of Shrouds's minions will no longer go hostile out of combat if their master cannot control them; they will unsummon instead.

Prerequisite Adjustments

Several classes have had their requirements adjusted or removed, as they pertain to associations, locations and deities that do not exist in Arleah. They are as follows:

Alaghar: Now Any Good. Domain requirements removed.

Vile Champion: Now Non-Good. Morningstar proficiency is now 'any weapon focus'. This class is effectively a mirrored version of Champion of Torm now.

Soldier of Light: Now Any Good. Domain requirements removed. This is now a base class.

Mighty Contender of Becdar: Alignment restriction removed. Good domain requirement removed, but Strength domain requirement remains, as the class is based on the Strength domain power.

Heartwarder: Alignment restriction removed. Domain requirements removed.

Hathran: Alignment restriction removed.

Favored of Oceania: Alignment restriction removed. Domain requirements removed.

War Wizard: Alignment restriction removed.

Stormlord: Now Chaotic Only. Domain requirements changed; now requires Storm domain only. 

Fist of Selvardii: Alignment restriction removed.

Blood Archer: Now Non-Good. 'Elves cannot become Blood Archers' restriction removed.

Morninglord of Charys: Domain requirements removed.

Master of Shrouds: Domain requirements removed.

Blightlord: Domain requirements changed; now requires Plant domain.

Brimstone Speaker: Domain requirements removed.

Ruby Knight Vindicator: Domain requirements removed.

Eye of Rukanbradushk: Domain requirements removed.

Thrall of Xanu: Domain requirements removed.

Black Flame Zealot: Domain requirements removed.

Shining Blade of Hirath: Domain requirements removed.

Champion of Elfkind: Domain requirements removed.

Red Wizard: Race restriction removed.

Hospitaler: Now requires divine spellcasting (1st level or higher).

Removed Classes

Removed due to the fact that these classes don't fit our setting well, if at all: all Psionic classes, Baelnorn, Purple Dragon Knight, Oozemaster

Removed due to other removed content: Maester, Master Alchemist, Runecaster, Warchief, Disciple of Asmodeus, Orc Warlord*, Battleguard of Tempus

Removed due to mechanical changes: Telflammar Shadowlord (some abilities are being rolled into Shadowdancer again), Werewolf (werecreatures are being handled as a template now, not a class), Dread Necromancer (limiting liches to the Lich class only), Lich (Lich is being handled as a template now, not a class)

Removed due to being more trouble than it is worth: Samurai (we still have Samurai CW, Iaijutsu Master, etc; this one is simply not compatible with our server balance)

* Orc Warlord was previously removed as all classes that require/use the Leadership feat were removed, however, this class predated the feat and it was apparently tacked on in a later edition of the PRC; the Leadership feat prerequisite has been removed from Orc Warlord as the class functions correctly without it.

Permission Based Classes

These classes are potentially powerful, but not so overpowered that we want to remove them from selection. If you want to play one of these classes, you must submit your character build and character concept to the staff for evaluation. Next to the class names are short explanations as to why they are on this list, which will give you an idea of what we are worried about.

Arcane Duelist (Strong AC)
Bonded Summoner (Immunities)
Elemental Savant (Immunities)
Divine Elemental Savant (Immunities)
Duelist (Strong AC)
Heirophant (Strong DCs)
Hellfire Warlock (Mechanically powerful)
Iaijutsu Master (Strong AC)
Pale Master (Immunities)
PnP Shifter (Mechanically powerful)
Red Wizard (Strong DCs)
Shifter (Mechanically powerful)
Blightlord (Immunities)
Vassal of Chronosis (Potent item rewards)