Spell Adjustments

Some PRC spells have toggles that can be set which modify their behavior slightly. You can view a summary of our selections at the very bottom of this thread.

Over time, I will be overhauling the durations of any spell that disables players in a major way for an absurd amount of time. 'Permanent' spells should let you out eventually (or at least pop up the death screen), and several spells (like some Bigby spells) just last way too long for how often they affect their target. I'll post a list as I adjust them.

Greater Dispel, Wall of Greater Dispel and Mordenkainen's Disjunction have had their caster level caps restored to 15, 15 and 20 respectively.

Mage Armor, Improved Mage Armor, Shadow Conjuration: Mage Armor and Epic Mage Armor have had their armor types split again as in old Arleah. They now spread their bonuses evenly between Armor AC, Natural AC, Deflection AC and Dodge AC bonuses. Improved Mage Armor does not scale with caster level, it simply gives +2 to each.

Evard's Black Tentacles and Chilling Tentacles no longer utilize Cutscene Paralysis. They now apply sizeable Movement Speed Reduction, and even significant Movement Speed Reduction if the grapple check fails.

Freedom of Movement, Travel Domain's Freedom power, and Fleetness of Foot have lost their Immunity: Movement Speed Reduction, to keep the above change potent and also help with some nonmagical PRC movement speed reduction systems.

The vast majority of damage shield spells no longer stack with one another. They will replace the old effect upon casting.

Removed Spells

All abilities that manipulate or steal enemy equipment. Any disarming abilities have been adjusted to unequip the item instead of dropping it to the ground. Destruction of enemy items is limited to purely non-magical items (non-magical meaning items with NO special properties on them).

An assortment of underwhelming or non-functional spells.

Several 'drug' related spells, such as drug addiction and resisting drug addiction. Many spells remain with drug components, but I believe they will function without them as I have the reagent system turned off.

Nearly any spell that gave a large bonus to Spot/Listen. Hide/MoveSilently is being given a huge advantage due to an alternate HIPS that we are implementing. See Feat post for more information.

The entire series of Necrotic Cyst spells.

Several disguising spells were removed from all but Beguiler, Assassin and Witch. Disguises are an interesting gameplay mechanic, but it loses its value when every arcane user (and anyone that wants to down a potion) has access to it.

Several low end anti-undead spells that have little or no use. I'd rather not make it absurdly easy to metagame secretive PC vampires.

All Scrying/Locating spells. The whole system seems like a metagaming nightmare just waiting to happen.

Several spells with no saving throw that were too strong for what they are.

Some buff spells that vastly inflated saving throws. This puts non-casters at too steep a disadvantage given that items are being toned down.

Damage immunity spells, some of these were better than epic immunity spells.

Various spells that granted critical hit or sneak attack immunity.

Various spells that were easy one-shot wonder spells.

Regular Timestop, which is being represented by Epic Timestop.

Several spells relating to the crafting system that we will not be using.

Any alignment or racial detection spell or spells relating to that system. We will be implementing our own version of this for only very few specific classes with item based counters.

Any spells that forcibly change the alignment of others.

Missed Spells

If you happen to find any spells that are stated above for removal but were not removed, chances are it was an oversight, as removing this many spells is a huge task and it is very easy for certain things to be overlooked. Maybe I overlooked one scrying spell on one class, for example, or more importantly, class feats that have spell-like abilities similar to what we've tried to remove. In these cases, please let us know immediately so we can take care of it. In my opinion, better to be potentially rewarded for helping than potentially punished for exploiting by keeping it quiet for your own personal use and abuse.