This section contains miscellaneous topics that don't fit very well anywhere else.

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

We've moved to Enhanced Edition! If you had characters with us from Arleah's 4.0 era, please reach out to Chaszmyr to have your characters ported from the old vault system to the new vault system; please provide your old vault name and new vault name so characters can be moved. 

If your approval-based race/feat was approved before the jump to EE, you will need quickly verified and approved by a DM in game; this should be a quick and painless bypass of our new level 1 content restriction system.

The PRC adds quite a lot of level 1 content to the game, which is now directly accessible during character creation; please be sure that you are reviewing level 1 content descriptions for permission before selecting it. Spellfire Wielder is a level 1 only feat that requires permission. We also have many races that require permission. If you see any level 1 content that looks odd/unsupported, please report it to Chaszmyr right away.

Bringing Back Old Characters

Arleah 3.0 and Arleah 4.0 brought vault wipes with them. These characters are not necessarily gone; this resource is here to help catch up players on what they need to know if they plan to bring back a character that was dropped by a fault wipe.

For starters, different eras of Arleah are referred to by certain 'version numbers' by the playerbase, cover different time periods, and are treated somewhat differently.


Arleah 1.0 - 2002 to 2006

Arleah 2.0 - 2007 to 2012

Arleah 3.0 - 2013 to 2016

Arleah 4.0 - 2016 (current)

Time Continuity

Duration of Arleah 1.0 (unspecified - probably about 15-20ish years?)

Time jump between 1.0 and 2.0 - 100 years

Duration of Arleah 2.0 (unspecified - probably about 10-15ish years?)

Time jump between 2.0 and 3.0 - ~5-10 years

Duration of Arleah 3.0 (roughly 10 years)

Time jump between 3.0 and 4.0 - 20 years

Time progression from 4.0 onwards is going to be far slower; more along the lines of 1:1, 2:1, 3:1; previously 6:1.

Does this mean your character got old and died? Maybe - but we're willing to work with players who want to bring old characters back despite age issues, please contact a DM if you have such a case!

Does this mean your character got deleted? Yes and no - the vault wiped for 3.0 launch and again for 4.0 launch. Characters are saved, but will not be directly uploaded to the 4.0 vault, as there are incompatibilities and balance issues with older characters. Instead, we offer a 'Candyland' service for returning PCs; if you have a character that existed prior to 4.0, they are eligible for some boosts to represent their past adventuring. All returning characters will be permitted to outfit themselves in a decent amount of gear and some gold, as well as an immediate boost to level 30.

If you have a returning character, please ask a DM for a trip to Candyland. Please note that not all DMs will have requested copies of the old vaults, that is their decision, so there may be a bit of a wait for a DM that has, or an administrator.

As for roleplay tokens, we consider roleplay tokens to be account wide and retroactive, meaning that every verifiable token you have earned since the day they were first handed out way back when (we verify with the old vault archives) is valid and we will return your token total to you regardless of vault wipes.

Finally, any significant old memorabilia from plots in days past can be ported up through. Please discuss this with an administrator, as the lists for 3.0 are fairly set in stone and anything before that is a total crap shoot. This is very time consuming work but we're willing to do it for nostalgia.

If you have any concerns that are not covered here, please send me a PM.

Arleah Vampire Ruleset

This will be the official set of rules in order to play a vampire. Being a vampire has always been about one thing; Blood. They are creatures who live, speak, drink, feel, and smell blood. Passionate and lustful, angry and brute, animalistic and conniving, innocent and unforgiving of the gift, the vampire can really be anything you want them to be, so long as you follow a few certain guidelines. Vampirism can be a fun role to play.

This latest revision of vampires has a few focuses to it; vampires will have more (and more well defined) powers, but also more weaknesses, both mechanical and roleplayed. All playstyles of vampires will become better at what they do, but have far more repercussions for using those powers in the wrong places at the wrong times.

Also take note that while this writeup may seem to lack solid rolls or mechanics, there is a separate writeup sent to player vampires with far more information, and a DM only version with even more notes. We prefer to keep the actual mechanics hidden so that they are not metagamed (which can very quickly ruin the experience for all involved), and we have a few mechanics and specifics hidden from vampires too, as there are secrets involved in their creation and existence that are unknown even to them.


Vampires need blood to survive. If you play a vampire, this is your primary goal in your unlife: feed on blood. It is your purpose, your drive. It is the essence that makes you feel alive. When a vampire is hungry their skin itches and burns with hunger. Some vampires find it appropriate to roll a will save to see how hungry they are. You can also role play Blood Frenzies. Blood frenzy is when a vampire has lost too much blood and they blank out, the animal inside of them attack anything it has to, in order to get the blood that they hunger for. There are certain RP aspects you may take into your own liberty. The most popular I have witnessed, is taking all current memories from the prey through their blood (with prey’s permission of course) and also, tasting their emotions through the blood. (i.e.: Lust, love would taste sweet. Hate could burn and tingle. Anger bitter, etc).

Some characters have unique circumstances surrounding their blood; for example, some character classes (bonded summoners, oozemasters, blood archers, etc) cannot be fed on. Some characters or non-standard races have unique circumstances, and by giving them permission to play a non-standard race we have entrusted them with the responsibility of coming up with those effects, if applicable. However, if you feel that someone is being unfair and just trying to get out of being fed off of, please let a DM know and we will take appropriate measures.


Arleah is not D&D. Nor is Arleah a world where D&D vampires exist, or a place of an Ann Rice Vampire. Some aspects we have drawn from both resources, but our interpretations and rules are final for Arleah. Vampires have many rumored weaknesses, but as there are very few vampires in existence and they are not easily recognized, few have succeeded in taking advantage of those weaknesses, and fewer still have killed a vampire in recent memory; what methods were used in the past are shrouded by time, exaggerated or lost by the ages. 

When speaking of vampires and how to combat them, the most obvious and talked about weakness is sunlight. Several stories of vampires being turned to dust from sunlight exposure are told throughout the lands, and just about anyone has heard of this method. There will be NO day walking vampires, ever. 

An OOC note, there is a blatant, short version of the sunlight/coffin rules: in the past, many players have expressed great frustration in regards to vampires during the daytime. We don't want to cut your roleplay off, but during the day, you are WEAK. You don't dive off into a building and continue to act all superpowered. You don't run around and PvP during the day, unless you are near your seat of power or in a MAGICALLY ETERNALLY DARK ZONE. If you try to loophole your biggest weakness, we WILL slap you down, end of story.

Besides sunlight, much is rumored, but little is known. I will list some of these rumors that an average character may or may not know. Keep in mind that RUMORS don't mean that these things work the way you think, or maybe even work at all; don't flip out if a vampire informs you that what you just used didn't effect it. If you feel they've lied to you OOC'ly about a weakness, contact a DM. More than likely most characters have heard of one or two of these rumors, but not all...:

- A vampire's coffin is highly relevant to them for some reason.

- Holy water can be used against a vampire somehow. Throw it, drink it, I'm sure it'll all work...

- Holy symbols/relics can be used against vampires to repel them, somehow.

- Vampires are afraid of garlic. Maybe it is the smell, maybe it gives blood a bad taste if someone has just eaten it. Nobody knows.

- Shoving a wooden stake in a vampire's heart will disable or destroy them. 

- Vampires can't cross running water. Nobody know if it has to do with them touching running water, or crossing it in general, so a vampire with really well made boots might be fine?

- Vampires don't "die" just by beating them up, you've got to damage them in some special way to kill them properly.

- Vampires are undead, and thus can be affected by just about everything that is effective against mindless undead.

Body of a Vampire

When a mortal is changed into a vampire, certain changes occur. The body dies and is arisen into a completely different world. It has been role played as the colors seem to have darkened and faded, also senses become more in-tune with the surrounding. Everything seems “clearer.” As being a dead corpse, it is always role played that there is a loss of all bodily fluids besides blood. A vampire can’t cry. Though it has been RP'd that if a vampire –truly- weeps he/she will weep blood, but this is only once is a great while, being more meaningful then a normal tear. Vampires can’t get pregnant, nor can male vampires get a female mortal pregnant. Just to recap: vampires are completely sterile. A vampire cannot mate with another vampire, nor can one mate with a mortal. There will be no exceptions to this rule. It is also possible to RP out that the vampire feels no physical pain from the likes of simple weapons. Other tools used to inflict pain might be: holy water, positive energy, or divine energy.


Vampires must feed upon the living to survive. This ties in closely to the blood section; however I would like to point out a few very important details. Vampires have two elongated canine fangs that they use to break the skin of their victims. The fangs are a little bit longer than normal; however, there is nothing over the top. Please ask permission of a PC victim before you feed, so people may not wish this kind of RP and should not have it forced upon them. When a Vampire feeds on a victim, they have the choice of affecting the memory of the event. The only thing the Vampire can do is make the event fuzzy. the victim will remember being attacked, however they will not remember by who. A vampire can close the wound they make when they bite their victims by licking it. This shows no trace of the feeding; this is so vampires can attempt to keep their presence a secret, as normally a vampire keeps secrets by killing their victims. No one can be permakilled without the players permission, so secrets by death are not doable.

Creation of New Vampires

I will not go into detail here about how new vampires are made, that will be a secret only for those involved. The turning process is lengthy, painful, and also a secret to the masses. The road to immortality is a painful, and difficult one.

Other Stuff

Reflections: Vampires -do not- cast reflections in mirrors. This is not free knowledge, but I wanted to list it because the opportunity might arise. 

Appearance: Appearance varies. Those who were pale skinned in life will be even paler as a vampire. After feeding however, their skin can appear more rosy and full of life, as fresh blood is running through their body. As an undead, they are always cold to the touch, much like a corpse. Fresh blood warms their bodies for a period of time, making their touch much like that of a mortal. Their eyes are often predatory in appearance, and their fingernails very glassy. They have sharp, elongated canine teeth, though not the exaggerated fangs that most pictures of vampires show. They are just enough so that the flesh can be broken easily and blood spilled into the vampire's waiting mouth.

Important: To play a vampire you must have DM staff permission to do so. Any characters found playing a vampire without permission will be deleted. If you wish to play one, please read these two posts for relevant information on what we're looking for in an application, and then apply on the new Player Requests & Applications forum.

Alignment: The very act of becoming a vampire is evil. No Good aligned vampires will be tolerated, no exceptions. No good aligned character would ever allow themself to be turned, there will be no 'forcible turning' or being 'misled' or 'lied to' or any other explanation. Feeding off other creatures' life force to sustain your own is evil as well, so no vampire will ever regain a good alignment for any reason. Also, vampires with cleric levels MUST be evil (so that their Turn Undead turns to Rebuke Undead, which is default) and must NOT have any Good or Sun domains or any other domain that doesn't make sense. Last note is optional; any individual with a familiar or animal companion that becomes a vampire would likely have their companion or familiar be disgusted with them and leave, forcing them to find a bat or rat familiar. I don't feel the need to enforce this, but it makes sense, barring roleplayed exceptions.

Arleah Lycanthrope/Werecreature Ruleset


The most horrible and devastating curse known in any land is the Curse of Lycanthropy. Known to pass from individual to individual through the bite of a lycanthrope, this irreversible affliction is consequently the most feared condition one can possess, and as a result werekind are shunned wherever they make their infection known. This role can provide a wonderful challenge and allow for a unique character feel that no class or base race can hope to experience.

The purpose of this writeup is to give a basic overview of what superstitions the average person may know upwards of some more detailed information that a were-hunter would have gleaned from hunting werecreatures for a long time. Use your discretion or perhaps judge based on the Lore skill of your character.

Specifics and secrets of werekind are not included in the public version of this writeup, as the temptation of metagaming may be too great and information of this nature is far more fun to glean through in character means. There are also some details withheld even from werecreature PCs as being bitten does not instantly confer certain information to them.

Arleah's philosophy describes Cardathia as a unique setting free from D&D and other story resources; our werecreatures are no different. Suggestions are one thing, but arguing that werecreatures are one way or another in D&D, Whitewolf, or the pen and paper game that Jim-Bob ran for you three and a half years ago will not move us.

The Moon

During the full moon, lycanthropes transform into horrible half-beast humanoids. Steeped in feral rage, werecreatures attack, maim, kill and feed upon living creatures unfortunate enough to cross their path. 

The Beast Within

A transformed werecreature is a dangerous thing; the strong body of a monstrous animal, the cunning of a humanoid, all tied together with the unnatural power and boundless rage inherent in the Curse. Terrible tales and fables are told of werewolves who transform, only to slaughter those whom they love most. 


The most well known (and that is not to say that EVERYONE knows it) weakness for werekind is silver. Werecreatures have never been an overwhelming threat in Cardathia, and as a result silver-enhanced weaponry and the means to craft it is not readily available.


It is fairly well known that lycanthropy spreads through the bite of a werewolf. What is not well known is that being bitten does not guarantee that infection will occur, and being infected does not guarantee that transformation will occur.


The transformation process can be slow and drawn out or rapid, but to witness it is a terrible sight. The body remains humanoid throughout, however, bones readjust, musculature shifts, flesh melts like wax and fur sprouts in the blink of an eye. The howls of a transforming werecreature is all one needs to know about how painful the process is.


While lycanthropes are not inherently evil or chaotic, the beast within is very distinctly not a nice influence on either of these things. A good aligned werecreature places innocents in danger simply by being around them even if to help them, and a lawful werecreature will find it very difficult to hold to the laws of a civilization that would hunt them down if their condition was known. An individual of good or lawful alignment will be very hard pressed to maintain it after being infected.

Favored Soul Wings

Favored Souls gain wings on level 17 that reflect their deity. The PRC, by default, represents this as generic white wings for Good, generic tan fiend wings for Evil, and generic 'bird' wings for Neutral. This is a big part of the theme of Favored Soul; We are willing to work with any Favored Soul if there are more thematically appropriate wings available. Tails and VFX horns are not off the table either. 

Some caveats: precedent matters quite a bit, and we reserve the right to veto anything that we don't think is thematically appropriate or is too far out of precedent with previous Favored Souls of the same deity. It would be more accurate to say that you are asking us to present you with a few options that we feel are fitting for the deity in question, not yay-or-nay a wishlist of goodies you deliver to us. CEP affords us quite a lot of unusual wing options, we'll be able to dig up better stuff for you most likely.

If interested, please contact an administrator. There is no token cost for this.

Extraplanar Ruleset

We take the outer planes very seriously. The outer planes are inaccessible outside of DM-run events; the areas are generally created for single events and then removed afterwards. We will run extraplanar events where fitting; it is recommended to declare your intention by submitting a request to the DM team. 

While Arleah is not a hardcore ruleset server by default, player characters are subject to a hardcore ruleset in the outer planes. We will not fully divulge what our charts or processes are here, only that we will be as authentic as possible to the plane itself, the deity/entity who presides over the domain in question, the reason that the character is there, etc.

Though extreme results will usually be reserved only for the worst sort of circumstances, characters are subject to any and all decision made by the DM running the event, up to and including permanent character death. This will usually not be the case unless the factors are extremely stacked against you, but we will not hear any second guessing; by entering the plane, you agree to this maximum potential risk in exchange for the maximum potential rewards you are pursuing.

Feel free to submit a 'pre-request' to the DM team for discussion if you believe you have a fitting scenario for an extraplanar adventure!