RP Tokens


Arleah has had a long standing tradition of our staff issuing 'roleplay tokens' - small tokens of our appreciation for those that are roleplaying and enjoying themselves. This may seem strange to some, as Arleah has always been a 'roleplay first' server, but long ago when Neverwinter Nights was a brand new cutting edge video game, this sort of system was a means of distinguishing Arleah from hack-and-slash, Player vs. Player, or similar servers. These tokens come with an immediate experience bonus as well, and the tokens themselves can be spent on customized gear and certain services and rewards. This post contains all available services, costs, and guidelines that RP tokens can be spent on.

With the exception of Artifacts (which have their own form), all purchase requests should be made via arleahrequests@gmail.com. Forgemaster Items, Rebuilds, and Language token purchases can be requested in the DM channel directly if they have the spare time.

Noteable Changes For 4.0

Custom Token Items are now Artifacts. Individually more powerful than before relative to the items available on the server, but limited to 1 per character, and far more expensive. Maxed out crafted items from the Forgemaster system can also be purchased for a relatively hefty fee for those looking for a shortcut.

We are switching all Artifact purchases over to a Google Form for ease of our DM team to fulfill these requests. When your request is fulfilled, we will contact you and let you know that your items are in the DM storage box, ready to be exchanged for your RP tokens.

Non-equippable spellcast items are going to be limited to only approved roleplay representative spell-like abilities. These are a privilege, not a right; if you want an uberbuff that your class can't cast, put it on an Artifact.

We've eliminated Item Power Changes. This option was very heavy on DM time with the primary payout of enabling minmaxing. In place of this, if you feel an item should be made available, we can consider implementing it into the game space itself as a sellable item or an NPC that will trade it for another item for you.

We've eliminated Cosmetic item changes. Very, -very- rarely have these been requested, and with the reimplementation of systems that allow characters to change the names and descriptions of equippable items, this should not be an issue moving forward.

Custom houses are gaining a cost across the board. We have a very toolset savvy playerbase and I'd like to add a speed bump; a personalized home in the module should have significance and value. Current houses are grandfathered in and we won't be retroactively charging for them.

Rebuilds are finding a home on the list. The cost will very likely be waived for reasons like 'I made an obvious mistake' or 'I didn't know what I was doing' or for character story related changes. This leaves mostly the pure minmax related rebuilds as deserving a cost. While it is true that they have never had a cost before, rebuilds take longer than ever, with races and classes that mess up, needing extensive LETO edits to repair.

There are many new options available. The old end goal of tokens seemed to be to fully outfit all of your characters with wall to wall token items; given that they are limited now, some very expensive categories have been implemented.

Forgemaster Items

As a quick head-start without buying a full Artifact, you may purchase an equippable item created by the new crafting system that represents the apex of that equipment slot for the new Forgemaster system. These will be relatively expensive, but this is a shortcut that bypasses the crafting system entirely. A DM can fully Forgemaster enchant an item you hand them for 50 tokens. This does NOT bypass any Forgemaster rules, you are simply paying to not gather recipe ingredients and track down a player that can enchant your gear for you.


Many old fables and many legendary characters either include, or revolve around one thing: a treasured artifact, which itself may have more backstory and more powers than its wielder. An Artifact will cost you 250 roleplay tokens. If you trade in a fully upgraded Forgemaster item of the same base item type (as the item to be "upgraded"), the cost will instead be 200 tokens.

This system will be very similar to our old custom token item system, but greatly simplified - and limited to one per character. The only exception to this can be in the case of a pair of weapons for a dual wielding character; You may split (not copy) the mods you choose across either weapon (with a few very specific exceptions: Attack Bonus, Enhancement Bonus, and Keen may be placed on both weapons for one pick). The pair must remain together - no giving one away!

The list of mods is below. A big change from previous token systems is that these mods have fixed potencies. Each mod is designed to be roughly the same value as the others, so in choosing a set number of mods from the list, you are done! The only unusual choice not listed below is Unlimited Ammunition; ranged weapon artifacts can choose to have 'Unlimited Ammunition: Basic' put on their weapon for free to utilize all weapon mods. Without this mod, you cannot choose weapon related mods such as damage, enhancement bonus, vampiric regen, etc.

A new addition is that you are permitted to add up to two extra mods, however, they come with an equal number of nasty mandatory penalties. You will be allowed to choose your own penalties, which have been chosen specifically to be impactful to ANY character. Dual wield artifacts will have the penalties split evenly between the weapons (or copied, in the case of non-stacking penalties). Having said that, consider that lining up 6 mods with no penalties is still just as viable and the best option for most situations, don't feel obligated to minmax mods and in so doing gain a penalty that you'll despise.

Some mods will be stackable - meaning, you can spend multiple mod picks to amplify the effect a certain number of times. Meaning, one pick will net you 3 Vampiric Regeneration, but two picks of the same will grant you 6 Vampiric Regeneration. This allows some flexibility within the set values, however, beware becoming a one trick pony! We reserve the right to deny abusive uses of this, such as +8 AC vs bludgeoning+piercing+slashing or anything that makes no sense, like 'vs good AND evil'.

Weapon related mods can only go on melee weapons, gloves (NOT bracers), and ranged weapons that opt for free Unlimited Ammunition: Basic (as described above).

The old 'small misc' custom token items with castable spells are now listed under Spell-Like Ability and are thus not covered under the Artifact system. All Artifacts must be equipment.

I am willing to listen to requests for the Intelligent Weapon property. Depending on the scope of the request, I reserve the right to increase the token cost or deny the request if needed.

Any item mods not on this list: I am willing to listen to any ideas but they are unlikely to be implemented. These systems are already a great deal of work.

Tweaks/adjustments to artifacts are not off the table, but should be limited to major storyline/event occurrences that would prompt the change, or, if something about the artifact does not work correctly and we cannot fix it ASAP. Please reach out to an admin with these requests.

Instructions On Making An Artifact:

Not really an 'instruction', but, feel free to ask another player for help and advice! These items are a big deal, and with the introduction of harsh optional penalty mods, you don't want to end up with an artifact that you don't enjoy using!

1. Open up the Artifact google form. Item submission will be handled through this form, even if you plan to browse appearances in the toolset yourself. All DMs that are interested in helping out with imports will have access to this file and will be able to create and import your item, or import it from a provided file.

2. Fill out the form in full and submit it. If you are confused by the form, contact a staff member for assistance.

3. Sit back and relax! A DM will need to take care of your request and get it in game. You will be contacted when it is done, informing you that your item is waiting in a DM persistent chest.

4. Log in and pay for your item! All done.

Properties List #1 - Positive Mods

You will select 6 mods from this list minimum. 8 maximum; each mod over 6 requires a negative mod of your choice (list #3).

Ability Bonus: +8 (Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha) (May select multiple times.)

AC Bonus: +5

AC Bonus vs Specific Damage Type: +10

AC Bonus vs Racial Type: +10

AC Bonus vs Alignment Group: +10

Arcane Spell Failure Reduction: 100% of base item's Arcane Spell Failure (e.g. 10% on Leather Armor, 45% on Platemail Armor, 50% on Tower Shield)

Area of Effect (Permanent): Darkness, Magic Circle vs Good/Evil/Law/Chaos

Attack Bonus: +8 (Dual weapon artifacts may copy this to both weapons for one pick.)

Attack Bonus vs Alignment Group: +12 (Dual weapon artifacts may copy this to both weapons for one pick.)

Attack Bonus vs Racial Type: +12 (Dual weapon artifacts may copy this to both weapons for one pick.)

Bonus Feat (Only feats with no major prerequisites; this will be judged on a case by case basis. May select multiple times.)

Bonus Spell Slot Of Level: Any '10' (e.g. L9 slot + L1 slot; or L5 slot + L3 slot + L2 slot. Distribute how you like. Level 0 spells count as '1'. May select multiple times.)

Cast Spell: 2/day of level 6-9 spell OR 4/day of level 2-5 spell OR unlimited/day for level 0/1 spell. (We reserve the right to decline unimplemented or BS spell choices. May select multiple times.)

Damage Bonus: 2d6 of a 'blockable' type, 1d6 of an 'unblockable' type. ('Unblockable' types are Positive Energy, Divine and Magical. May select twice at maximum, either different damage types or double of the same.)

Damage Bonus vs Alignment Group OR Damage Bonus vs Racial Group: 1d10 'blockable', or 1d6 'unblockable' (Max one of either type, independent of the above cap.)

Damage Reduction (numeric): +5/5, +3/10, +1/20. (May select multiple times to multiply damage amount blocked, not blocked number; e.g. +5/5 twice is +5/10.)

Damage Resistance: 5/- of a physical type, 10/- of an elemental/energy type. (May select multiple times or multiple types. May not select Positive Energy, Divine or Magical.)

Enhancement Bonus: +5 (Dual weapon artifacts may copy this to both weapons for one pick.)

Enhancement Bonus vs Alignment Group: +8 (Dual weapon artifacts may copy this to both weapons for one pick.)

Enhancement Bonus vs Racial Type: +8 (Dual weapon artifacts may copy this to both weapons for one pick.)

Extra Melee/Ranged Damage Type: Bludgeoning, Piercing, Slashing (May select multiple times.)

Damage Type Immunity: 25% for physical, elemental, or energy. (May select multiple types, but NOT multiple times. May not select Positive Energy, Divine or Magical.)

Increased Movement Speed: 20%

Keen (Dual weapon artifacts may copy this to both weapons for one pick.)

Massive Criticals: 2d6 (May select multiple times.)

Mighty: +10

On Hit: DC 26 from List 1 below, DC 30 from List 2 below. (May spend multiple picks for +2 to the DC every pick. Note that Vorpal is banned on 18-20x2 base critical weapons.)

    • List 1: Ability Drain (Str/Dex/Con drains only), Blindness, Level Drain, Silence, Vorpal

    • List 2: Confusion, Daze, Deafness, Doom, Fear, Hold, Sleep, Slow, Stun, Wounding

Regeneration: +2 (May select multiple times. Subsequent selections only add +1 Regeneration to the total.)

Vampiric Regeneration: +3 (May select multiple times. Subsequent selections only add +1 Vampiric Regeneration to the total.)

Saving Throw Bonus: +3 Universal or +6 specific (Fortitude, Reflex, Will)

Skill Bonus: +10 (May select multiple types, but not multiple times. Note that +5 to two skills is acceptable in place of +10 to one.)

Spell Resistance: 30 SR. (May select multiple times for +5 more SR per pick.)

Properties List #2 - Neutral Mods

Everything on this list is free, if you want it, within reason.

Arcane Spell Failure Increase

Base Item Weight Reduction (Specify if you want reduced slightly, by half, or by the most possible).


Light (Specify color/potency)

Use Limitations (Alignment, Class, Racial Type, etc)

Visual Effect (specify which VFX)

Weight Increase (Specify roughly how much weight increase)

Properties List #3 - Negative Mods

You are safe from this nasty, nasty list unless you are choosing more than 6 mods. If you choose 7 mods, you must choose 1 from this list. If you choose 8 mods, you must choose 2 from this list.

Damage Vulnerability: 50% of any Physical or Elemental type, 100% of any Energy type (No doubling up. Physical types are Piercing, Slashing, Bludgeoning. Elemental types are Fire, Cold, Acid, Electrical. Energy types are Sonic, Negative Energy, Positive Energy, Magical, Divine.)

Decreased AC: -10 Dodge

Decreased Movement Speed: -30%

Decreased Saving Throws: -5 Universal or -10 specific (Fortitude, Reflex, Will)

Spell-Like Ability

We will be permitting, on a case by case basis, old school 'small misc' style cast spell token items for the purpose of roleplay-steeped spell-like abilities. These represent abilities that your character can inherently activate, and there is no up-front limitation on how many a character can have. Due to this, this is considered a purchase for roleplay value first, and blatant power never. Some examples might include a street performer puppeteer that that can Animate Objects, or an Air Genasi with a static electricity problem that occasionally discharges a Scintillating Sphere. Spell-like abilities are a privilege, not a right.

These will cost 50 tokens per. They will follow the Artifact rule:

Cast Spell: 2/day of level 6-9 spell OR 4/day of level 2-5 spell OR unlimited/day for level 0/1 spell.

Custom Player Home

Custom player homes will cost 100 tokens for an assigned staff member to build. Custom player homes will cost 50 tokens to upload if they are built by you or someone you convince to build it for you. Your house is entitled to, at minimum, one persistent chest, though more persistent chests (within reason) are fine, as well as a teleportation marker restricted to the bearers of your house key if you want it. Houses also receive a variable to prevent most teleportation abilities to gain entry as an OOC anti-griefing measure. We reserve the right to raise or lower the token costs listed depending on how modest or absurd the area ends up.

If you plan to have the staff build you a house, please submit your request to arleahrequests@gmail.com. Include where you would like your house to be and a rough idea of what you would like inside, etc.

If you plan to build it yourself, you must follow these design standards:

- Use standardized scripts. Auto door locking, sit scripts, persistent chests, rest areas, teleportation marker, etc; you must use the same ones we already use. You can request a .erf full of our scripts if you plan to build a house (PM Chaszmyr for link to scripts package and explanation on their usage).

- Minimize file size. A typical house should not exceed 250kb in .erf form. If an object is not intended to be moused over or clicked on, it should be set to static; this is a massive space saver. 250kb is not a hard limitation, but for perspective, some of our cities or villages weigh in under 1mb (which is 1024kb). Neverwinter Nights modules do have resource limitations and maximums that we simply cannot afford to rub up against.

- Anything else, ASK. Any scripts, NPCs, spawning items, etc that provide any sort of character advantage are not permitted. Anything that is purely aesthetic is probably fine, but please run any of these by us before you do it.

Existing player homes that have already been implemented or approved for 3.0 are grandfathered and do not need to pay this cost to go back in. Player homes that existed in 1.0 or 2.0 and did not appear in 3.0 are possibly eligible as well.

Prefabricated Apartments

We have a limited number of prefabricated apartments available in certain regions. You can apply for apartment rental by emailing arleahrequests@gmail.com. The default cost is your choice of 50 tokens -OR- 100,000 gold pieces, however, this cost will likely scale up or down based on many factors such as how well your character is regarded in the region in question. Apartment keys are tightly controlled (undroppable, spawned only on request) so we can easily repo them if the apartment owner goes inactive. Extensive inactivity will cause us to put an apartment back on the market.

We currently have apartments implemented in the following locations: Grimsho, Arleah

Only major cities are guaranteed apartments; any smaller cities/settlements will get apartments based on high demand only.

Summonable Henchman [NYI]

For 200 tokens, we will provide an item that will summon a custom henchman once per day. Aesthetics are entirely up to you, and entirely negotiable (within reason; no personal deities please). Intended potency of these henchman will be a reasonably well built level 20 PC or so. We reserve the right to deny henchmen that do not fit with our setting or mechanics. Given that these must be manually implemented, roleplay depth and possibly even prior established roleplay will be required for the green light.

Custom Alternate Form

For 100 tokens, we will provide an item that acts as an on/off switch for an alternate appearance to your PC appearance. This is a niche purchase for specific roleplay or certain races that may not have a custom transformation provided for them mechanically already.

Custom Visual Effect

For 100 tokens, we will provide an item that applies a visual effect to your character. This is yet another niche purchase for specific roleplay situations or characters, but as there are several subtle roleplay-related visual effects in CEP now, the option should be made available.


We will be allowing the purchase of certain 'easy to learn' languages and some moderate difficulty languages by the price chart below. These purchases are completely separate from free racial languages, level 1 int mod language picks, and roleplay-learned languages. If it is not listed, it is not offered for a token price. In purchasing a language this way, it counts as your character having learned it from a completely offboarded NPC source; a language tutor, a scholar, someone you beat up and made them teach you, whatever.

50 Tokens to learn:

Drow, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Halfling, Orc, Undercommon

75 Tokens to learn:

Draconic, Goblin, Giant, Gnoll


Rebuilds for purely OOC reasons will now cost 50 tokens, as they take a fair bit of DM time and sometimes require FTP/LETO as well. The cost may be waived for certain situations such as: mistakes while leveling up, newer players who are not familiar with character building, well-roleplayed character story related changes, bugged characters, etc. This is, quite honestly, aimed at obsessive minmax power rebuilds.

Powerful Character Races

Non-standard races now have a token cost based on their ECL in addition to character approval. Races now cost 10 tokens per ECL and templates now cost 20 tokens per ECL.

Templates will cost depending on circumstance; if the staff must arrange for your character to be turned, it will be full price. If you have a player willing to roleplay this out with you, the cost will be halved. We reserve the right to waive the cost entirely if it is really damn well planned (i.e. server plot level shenanigans).

You can find the ECL lists here: Custom Races and Templates.


The long term mount implementation is very relevant to mounts being on the token chart. As the planned layers of mount implementation are applied to the server, the price for token mounts will become more reasonable. For now, I will take requests for mounts for no less than 1,000 tokens. If you have this amount to spend on a mount, please contact me and we will discuss what is available. As this option becomes cheaper, the difference will not be refunded to early adopters, as you are paying for early prestige.

To offer more explanation, I simply don't have the planned layers of mount implementation 100% figured out and I'm not sure what their end token cost should be, thus the high early price tag. These will also need to be made one at a time, requiring unique coding in many cases.