Map of Cardathia


The map below is our most recent, not our most beautiful, meant only to give the basic shape and layout of Cardathia. I'm certainly no artist; I would be happy to pay a more artistically inclined individual in roleplay tokens if they are willing to come up with a superior map. Speaking of, there are links to the wonderfully made and creative maps of Arleah's past at the bottom of this page, please check them out!


City of Arleah

The city of Arleah, jewel of Cardathia. Arleah is well known as the chosen city of Dsituyt, and they celebrate him as their patron god. Arleah is a city that welcomes any individual, regardless of their creed, so long as their aims are not to undermine the very tolerance which permitted them entry and acceptance. This has not been without cost, as many have certainly tried over Arleah's long history.

Village of Treetop

The elven village of Treetop, set amidst the trees of Arleah Forest. Though not entirely isolated, Treetop has enjoyed relative peace and prosperity for many long years. It has become more difficult to reach in recent years, as the magical corruption and chaos that now inhabits Arleah Forest is barely in check. The elves of Treetop mainly worship Teraphiel, Firnos, and Maleiin.

Village of Wyvern's Gate

The village of Wyvern's Gate. A small village founded by the god Becdar Ironfist before his ascension to divinity. This village is the only civilized settlement in Cardathia comprised of a majority of half-orcs.

Snow Elven Village

This small, isolated village of snow elves is not particularly welcoming of outsiders.

Village of Aloria

Once a peaceful and picturesque village, Old Aloria was destroyed in a merciless orcish raid over a century ago. It was recently rebuilt underground by descendants of Old Aloria and the Empire of Quan'dir. A territory of the Empire, Aloria is known as the 'Protectorate of Aloria'.

Imperial Capital Quan'dir

The city of Quan'dir, heart of the Quan'diran Empire. A cold city with metal walls, its people are poor but proud. Over a century ago, it was a dangerous city full of demons and the servants of evil. Rebuilt a few decades ago, the city-turned-empire features a strict legal system, a diverse population, and a focus (bordering on obsession for some) on status, fashion, and magical prowess. Quan'dir has no state deity or worship, with many open worshipers of known deities of evil.

Village of Haven

The desert village of Haven - within the desert known as the Barony of Kca - is another territory of the Empire of Quan'dir. Once a village comprised of sandstone huts, Haven has been transformed by the Empire with modern conveniences and technologies.

Jhmi Island

A remote island, the subject of many horrifying tales, all of them warranted even if none of them are true. Most stories state that Jhmi is a land of demons, possibly the center of a summoning ritual gone horribly wrong. No captain will sail there for any amount of coin.

Village of Jeqigi

A forest village inhabited primarily by halflings and a minority population of gnomes. This settlement has enjoyed a long lasting peace after horrifying events two centuries ago that the village inhabitants are not keen on discussing or acknowledging. They are generally a very hospitable people.

Karak Lor'dannon

A dwarven city deep in the Lordannon mountains - literally. A secluded people, the dwarves of Karak Lor'dannon generally leave their doors closed to visitors, as the Lordanon mountains are full of orcs, goblinoid races, and giants, who must all be dreaming of raiding the fabled wealth and treasures of the dwarves. A sizable population of gnomes call Karak Lor'dannon home as well, as the dwarves have come to value their inventiveness.

Val'reveran Village

A secluded village in the Lordannon mountains, this village is inhabited by surface drow that have escaped the matriarchal Velothra-worshipping society of Cerlynosha, as well as many elves who encourage and accept their new surface society. This village is nearly constantly warded against outsiders, as they have many dangerous enemies, occasionally even other drow or elves who do not approve of their heretical or forbidden lifestyles.


A fortress built by gnolls daringly close to Arleah's walls. Generally viewed as a dire threat to Arleah's way of life, it is rumored that it was permitted to be built centuries ago as a good will gesture for peace between Cardathia's civil and savage peoples. The truth may be lost to the ages.

Township of Grimsho

A township well into a renaissance thanks to a deep vein of gold in the nearby mountains, using the proceeds to rapidly provide modern and magical conveniences to their fellow citizens. A stubborn and somewhat xenophobic people, the townsfolk of Grimsho are an ungoverned community that value length of time lived in Grimsho and contributions to their community above all else. Their exasperation with foreigners has become extremely plain since becoming a new hub of trade in Cardathia; outsiders are regarded with frustration and distrust for the troubles they often bring in their wake. The proximity of Vrishon's castle is an unending threat to the town's very existence as well as a reminder of horrors past.

Castle Vrishon

An ancient castle inhabited by a demilich who, it is rumored, was once a great lord of Cardathia before succumbing to the temptation of necromancy and becoming Gornadon's champion. Though his phylactery was destroyed long ago during Cardathia's first Age of Heroes, it seems that some sort of godly magic has restored him to his rightful seat. The castle spans from mountain to ocean, completely blocking the direct land route from Arleah to Grimsho. Though the immediate surroundings of the castle tend to have loose skeletons, zombies, and other lesser undead, the real danger of this castle is to those who are foolish enough to enter.

Phaethredun - City of Light

A city of light, devoted to Hirath. The worship of Hirath and other deities of light and life have filled this city with radiance, causing evil creatures to become physically sickened just by entering its gates. Though occasionally seen as too militant and zealous, the peoples of Phaethredun have marched from their gates to aid other Cardathian civilizations countless times.


This marker denotes obvious and/or well known ruins. Perhaps you should ask the locals for more information...

In Closing:

Is this everything? Absolutely not. There are many settlements and other points of interest not marked on the map because they are not obvious, not well known, too new, or disproportionately lethal to cartographers.

The above also completely omits Cardathia's uncharted and dangerous Underdark realm, which includes the drow city of Cerlynosha, with its unusual and newfound focus on surface trade and interaction.

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