Installation Instructions

Enhanced Edition Instructions

There are three ways to acquire Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition at this time;, Beamdog, and Steam. I'll cover each below briefly. - Makes use of the GOG Galaxy client, which allows you to keep the game updated. Game is very easy to launch without using the Galaxy client. For first launch and use of multiplayer, you will want to launch it from the Galaxy client, and when/if it asks for a CD key, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to

2. Click on Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

3. Click on More

4. Click on Serial Keys

5. Copy your key and paste it into the game

Beamdog - I don't have personal experience with the Beamdog client, however, it is my understanding that they'll provide you with a Steam key as well. If anyone uses this method and has some information to add on initial setup, please send me a PM/email or let me know on Discord.

Steam - Steam is fairly smooth with automatic install; make sure that your first connection on Multiplayer is with Steam on Online mode so that Steam can retrieve your serial key automatically. You will always need to launch the game through Steam. Has the benefit of Steam Workshop, which allows you to keep our custom content automatically synchronized. You can find our Steam Workshop page entitled "Cardathian Adventures - The Land of Arleah" or by this direct link:

Manual Custom Content Instructions

From here, this guide assumes that you've just installed Enhanced Edition through one of the above methods and you are manually setting up the HAK files and TLK file. You do not need to continue with these instructions if you are using Steam Workshop, as outlined above.

- If you play multiple servers, you will likely want to make a hak swap setup to swap hak folders in and out.

- If you are moving from an old Neverwinter Nights 1.69 setup for Arleah, you can move your old HAK and TLK files over from that install.

Step 1: Find and get familiar with your NWN directory, as you will need to place files in it. Regardless of which method you used to purchase the game, the folders you need should be in My Documents/Neverwinter Nights. If you are having trouble locating it, it should be on your C drive at C:\Users\<your username here>\Documents\Neverwinter Nights

Step 2: You will likely need an advanced file decompressing program to unzip our custom content; I recommend either 7zip or WinRAR.

Step 3: You will need our custom content for Arleah 4.0. This download will always be kept up to date with the latest files. Keep an eye on any server announcements for required or recommended file updates. All of our custom content is now in one file which you can find here. Download is ~1.6 gigabytes.

Step 4: Use either 7zip or WinRAR to unpack Arleah4.rar into your hak folder.

Step 5: Move arleah4v2.tlk from your hak folder to your tlk folder.

You are done!

Optional: We maintain a custom portrait pack of portraits that are used on Arleah. You can find the relevant links, download instructions, and upload instructions here.

Server Name: The World of Arleah / Module Name: arleah / Direct Connect:

Special thanks: CEP Team, PRC Team, ACP, ACP/CEP Compatibilizer, Worm's seasonal tilesets, Zeon's Nocobble tileset, Zwerkules' medieval tileset, BloodMonkey's mountain tileset, Estelindis's treetop tileset, various other unknown content creators, and the content creators of Arleah's past for their contributions to Arleah and the NWN community itself. Huge thanks also to Beamdog for breathing new life into Neverwinter Nights.