Welcome to Arleah - Cardathian Adventures!

We’re a small, friendly community focused around a custom setting devoted to reactivity and roleplay for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. In general, Arleah focuses less on the MMORPG presentation of other servers and more on an "RPG Night" feel. We want friends to log on to play with each other and create cooperative stories that shape the history and progress of the land of Cardathia. Our server has been live since 2002, spanning about 200 in-game years of rich player history. The atmosphere of our server is relaxed, with an emphasis on fun.

The community coordinates through Discord, and tends to gather around 8-9 PM EST on Fridays and weekends.

Though you can use the left navigation bar to find your way around the website, here are a few important links for new players:

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