Below is a list of organization found within Cardathia that seek player characters for membership - mainly player-run and always player-founded, guilds are formed by players and ratified by the DM team once they've shown a significant impact on the server.

Please note that the below information is provided in an out of character sense only; many secretive guilds are listed to provide an idea of what we have to offer, this information is not free In Character knowledge.

Guild leader contact information is also available beneath each guild name; both character names and player account names have been provided (barring secretive guilds) to coordinate membership inquiries, either IC or OOC.

Player Guilds

In alphabetical order

The Armsmasters

Guild founder: Earnest Maynair - Forum/Discord name: Tastyjayk

A sellsword may use a blade; an Armsmaster seeks to become one with it. An organization of duelists and those seeking to perfect their skill with arms, the Armsmasters are often sought for their extreme skill, accepting mainly specialized contracts befitting their prowess. Based out of Arleah, they invest time and resources into the city itself as well.

The Circle

Elder: Amelia Oona Nermakiir - Forum/Discord name: BuddyBrutal
Elder: Ayala Shadowstar - Forum/Discord name: Trylobyte

Formerly a council of druids, the Circle has expanded to include all those interested in the safety and well-being of Cardathia's natural spaces.  It's the duty of members of the Circle to keep an eye on those who would enter and profit from the wilds, to make sure nature is treated with the respect it deserves and can continue to flourish and provide for the people and creatures that depend on it.  Though elements of the Circle can be found all over Cardathia, they are noted to have an especially strong presence in the forests of Grimsho and Arleah, both of which have been subject to magical disruption that the Circle works to cleanse.

Dark Magics Guild

??? - Forum/Discord name: Ayram

The Dark Magics Guild is a secretive cabal comprised of unethical individuals in search of like-minded magi who can help them further their goals. While cooperation is extremely rare amongst such mages, this particular arrangement has stood the test of time; offering your extreme power and skills to assist other magic users attain the unattainable, in exchange for the selfsame assistance. Membership is highly secretive; applicants do not seek to join, they are sought out, with rejects left with no memory or knowledge of their failure to apply.

The Defenders

General: Sammi Steelbender [NPC] - DM Team
Captain: Matthew Drantius - Forum/Discord name: Hitetsu
Lieutenant: Siril Te'lie - Forum/Discord name: Hawk
Lieutenant: Zachan Ashby - Forum/Discord name: Throg

Following in the footsteps of the Silver Knights and the Guardians before them, the Defenders are Arleah’s city police and defensive military force. Formed primarily by the faithful of Dsituyt, they tend to accept any citizens of Arleah who can pass the Defenders’ Trial and wish to help guard their city and its people. 

The Dollhouse

Owner: Violet Celeb'ithil - Forum/Discord name: BuddyBrutal

On the surface, the Dollhouse is as reputable as a bordello can be; however, a space trafficked by Arleah’s well-to-do and elite nobles is a juicy target for gaining leverage and political influence. Unknown to its regulars and even many of its ‘dolls’, the Dollhouse is more than it appears, with a vast network of resources, and a carefully measured investment in Cardathia’s criminal underworld.

The Empire of Quan'dir

Emperor: Zacharias Taj'al - Forum/Discord name: Chaszmyr

It takes more than an emperor to rule an empire - encompassing both the imperial military known as the Sentinels as well as the city’s administration, the Empire of Quan’dir always has an eye out for skilled, loyal individuals seeking to advance imperial goals. The Sentinels are judge, jury, and if need be, executioner; they have broad power within the Empire’s borders. The imperial machine also occasionally looks for individuals talented in other areas - statecraft, subterfuge, magical specialists, et cetra - who thirst to prove themselves to their Emperor to receive his favor.

The Enclave of Arcane Light

Headmaster: Solanon Aleatlarn [NPC] - DM Team
Transmutation Instructor: Lily Kinnesen - Forum/Discord name: Tastyjayk
Conjuration Instructor: Thalion - Forum/Discord name: Chaszmyr

The Enclave of Arcane Light is Cardathia’s oldest and most prestigious magical college. Once based out of the city of Arleah, the Enclave Tower is now hidden away from prying eyes behind the enchanted Grimsho Forest. Comprised mostly of students with a few instructors, Enclave alumni still tend to introduce themselves as members of the Enclave to represent the school abroad during magical conundrums. 

House Everhate

Matron Mother: Allysandra Everhate - Forum/Discord name: Rusoko

The ruling house of Cerlynosha, House Everhate is a phoenix among the drow, having risen from the ashes twice in drow history.  They have a reputation for being forward-looking and pragmatic, favoring diplomacy over violence, but those who think that makes them weak swiftly learn they're every bit as cunning and brutal as any of their rivals.  Often willing to recruit and even adopt promising drow, they can most often be found around Cerlynosha, though they and their allies visit the surface more often than most other drow Houses.

The Nightstalkers

??? - Forum/Discord name: Hawk

Known by few even amongst those well versed in Cardathia’s criminal underworld, the Nightstalkers are a league of elite assassins and hitmen. With no known allegiance to any government, deity, or creed, it seems an impossible task to locate one - unless you require their services, and are willing to pay their price.

Truth's Light

Archpaladin of Hirath - Tristan - Forum/Discord name: Chaszmyr

The holy order of Truth’s Light is a society of paladins, clerics, and other individuals devoted to spreading the light of Hirath, Charys, Teraphiel, and Dsituyt to the lands of Cardathia and using their unique abilities in defense of Phaethredun. Though usually only their divinely empowered servants feel the call to join, any devotee of the teachings of these individuals are welcomed with open arms. Truth’s Light is an independent organization; though they call Phaethredun their home, the city does not consider Truth’s Light to be a wing of their military, nor does Truth’s Light seek any political leverage from the city council.

Other Noteworthy Organizations

The below organizations are established and player-joinable but have not yet achieved full guild privileges.

The Hellguard

Contact DM team for more information.

The Hellguard are the last Lord Regent’s most visible legacy with their hell spawned powers and utter devotion to their homeland. Membership varies from knights to spies, mages to warlocks truly traveling a path of darkness; but for all the wild variation in background, the guard all have two traits in common: a fanatical fervor for defending Arleah, and a near-crippling introspective paranoia. While rarely active in Arleah proper, preferring to wait for the Defenders to call on their arcane knowledge; much time is spent patrolling the city’s borders and in research--for they are self-made exiles from a home that needs but can never trust them.

The Arleahan Navy

Contact DM team for more information.

Arleah’s navy was founded and launched just prior to Xendra’s folly, and has ever since been a dominant force both in the Cardathian littoral and the high seas bounded by the Wall of Storms. Arleah’s fleet has a particular focus on anti-piracy and slaving operations, a tradition inherited from their founding admiral, David Whitechapel. Born seafarers, Arleah’s sailors draw on the city’s ancient love of the sea, and many a Viatican’s find their way onto an Arleahan quarterdeck.