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Player Requests

Player Requests & Applications:

For easy requests, feel free to ask a DM in game (if they are logged in as a DM and not in the middle of a plot, etc) or ask on Discord. If you aren't sure if something is an 'easy request' or not, ask on Discord. Otherwise, please submit requests via this email: - we will handle all requests as soon as we're able to.

Requesting a non-standard race (More info here)
Requesting a locked class (List of classes at the bottom of this page)
Requesting a unique template (More info at the bottom of this post)
Requesting language tokens (More info in this section of the rules)
Requesting permission-based feats (More info on this section of the rules)
Spending roleplay tokens (More info here)
Requesting custom player housing (More info here)
Requesting 'level 1 only' PRC content (Such as PRC base classes or level 1 only feats)
Requesting character editing (any sort of changes or edits that you cannot do yourself in game)
Anything else (unless it is urgent; then please contact a relevant staff member directly)

Issue With Another Player:

If you are having an issue with another player, we recommend the following procedure.

1. Speak to the player in question privately and respectfully; request that they clarify their intent. We're all adults here, talking things out honestly and directly should not be something we're afraid of.

2. Identify if the player has actively violated any rules. If so, follow the rules violation report procedure below.

3. If the player has not violated any rules but you have an issue with their recent actions, consider requesting staff mediation via the procedure below.

4. If the issue is not severe enough to warrant a rules violation report or staff mediation, drop the issue. Petty grudges, private toxic rants, and gossip are severely frowned upon. Resolve it or get over it.

Staff Mediation Request:

If another player is negatively affecting your experience on the server but does not appear to be doing so maliciously, it is worth simply talking it out with that player to make sure everyone is on the same page. We are all here to enjoy ourselves and I do not think anyone who is participating in the server's story on good faith will seek to dismiss this sort of issue. To this end, players can request staff mediation, where one or more members of our staff will provide a chat room (discord, OOC area in game, etc) to hash this out on good faith. 

If you lack evidence that another player is actively and consciously trying to sabotage your experience in any way, this is likely still the best first step to take. If the negative behavior was misidentified as intentional but wasn't, it will be quickly apparent, and if there were active negative feelings, it will provide a solid warning that things have gone too far.

Rules Violation Report:

Immediately contact a DM or administrator if you believe another player is actively and intentionally sabotaging your experience on the server or they have violated a server rule. Immediately contact an administrator if you believe a staff member is abusing their position or similar rules violations. DMs can be contacted in game via the DM chat channel. Discord is a quick way to get in touch with someone as well. If all else fails, either send a forum PM, or send an e-mail to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that we take official complaints very seriously and we expect that you will as well; by placing a complaint, you are requesting that a player or staff member be punished for rule violations. In contrast to our mediation procedure, an official complaint should be placed when there is evidence that a player is actively putting time and effort into ruining the enjoyment of another player or another blatant violation of our server rules. When you send in a complaint of this nature, please tell us exactly what happened (include proof; screenshots are best), exactly why it is an issue for you (if it isn't apparent), and what you would like us to do about it (if there is not already a solidly defined punishment for the transgression in question). We might see things differently or act differently than you suggest, however, complaints that cannot clearly communicate these three points will not be considered urgent.

Plot Inquiry:

If a DM is running a specific plot, contact that particular DM. If you are unsure of which DM you should be speaking to, contact any DM for more information. If you have a complaint regarding a specific plot, contact the DM running that plot. If your complaint becomes a complaint against a particular DM, follow the above procedure.

Making A New Guild:

We take guilds very seriously. All that can be said is that a full staff discussion is needed and the best way to create a new guild is to simply roleplay it, get people interested and await contact offering you full guild support. If you wish to send us information on roleplay direction and such, you are encouraged to do so by emailing all relevant writeup and information and member lists to and we will take that into consideration.

You may also request a hidden subforum on the forums for your group; this is a great way to encourage discussions between all interested parties and allow administrators to track your progress.